the rapture will be televised II continues and refocuses CALVIN KLEIN’s previous work, the rapture will be televised I, venturing into a world of hyper reality. When the ordinary is slowed to a point of near stillness, the performers attempt to isolate and adjust the point of perspective from the spectator. By creating a sense of both unity and alienation through hyper reality, CALVIN KLEIN considers both the extremely ordinary, while continuing it’s investigation into the growing hysteria over the expectation of the apocalypse.

Everyone has his or her own experience with the apocalypse, be it anxious, expecting, desirous, compassionate, or even erotic. With this durational performance, CALVIN KLEIN attempts to take the spectator beyond the standard experience of observation, and allow moments of contemplation, mediation, and curiosity. Using a reduced environment that only relies on flashlights, natural voice and simple technical elements, the rapture will be televised II attempts to boil down the themes of the rapture series in to specific, articulated gestures and ideas.

Curated in collaboration with PLAYBerlin and AUNTS (New York) at Kunstfabrik in Berlin. Performed on November 5, 2011.

Text: Michael Norton, Alexander Coggin, Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor, Patty Griffin
Choreography: Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Norton, Alexander Coggin aunts.jpg