the rapture will be televised is an exploration of the dichotomy between total saturation and isolation speci´Čücally in a media context. We investigate the transition that the contemporary brain makes on a daily basis when it is forced to shift between the states of overstimulation and muted comprehension.

Through projection, song, routine dance numbers and poetry the piece examines the incongruous dynamic that is placed on us everyday by advertisements and media images. Critical issues, like war and sex and death and love are assessed clinically rather than sympathetically. Because of the constant desensitizing and re-desentizing that the contemporary brain experiences, our interpersonal relationships have become unemotional as well. the rapture will be televised stages an existence where life attempts to function between these two planes. Using improvisation as well as highly choreographed dialogue and movement we create a hyper-intimate environment where there are no goals or rules.

First installment of the rapture will be televised, performed at Basso Berlin as part of Creature Feature, a performance series curated by Jeremy Wade, August 2011. Rapture 1.jpg