For this third installment of the rapture series, CALVIN KLEIN is investigating what the end of the world means to different cultures and different belief systems. What is the relationship of fantasy and disaster, and is there any universal correlation? Within the piece, CALVIN KLEIN uses the tool of multiple “episodes” by moving through various both religious and secular apocalyptic beliefs.

Using the elements of a talk show, which is structured as a codified performative experience, and a concert performance experience, CALVIN KLEIN opens up to multiple times and stages, while still maintaining and continuing their exploration of hyper reality. Moving into the direction of larger scale theater, complete with lights, tech support and a live score created by David Benjamin, CALVIN KLEIN’s third piece use these elements to continue and enhance principles of the apocalypse, moving the investigation away from inward reflection, and attempting to draw in a more universal experience.

Full film version of the rapture will be televised III, performed at Hebbel Am Ufer (HAU), February 2012.

Text: Michael Norton, Alexander Coggin, Lana Del Ray
Choreography: Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Norton, Alexander Coggin
Sound: David Benjamin