Through the rapture will be televised IV, CALVIN KLEIN experiments with extreme physical articulation of the ordinary, and attempts to express the complexities of the mundane, while considering one’s distorted perspective of time in moments of extreme crisis. Through projection, song, movement and poetry, each piece in the rapture series examines the incongruous dynamic that is placed on us everyday by advertisements and media images.

Critical issues like war, sex, death and love are assessed clinically rather than sympathetically. Because of the constant desensitizing and re-desensitizing that the contemporary brain experiences, CALVIN KLEIN seeks to explore our interpersonal relationships, and if they too have become unemotional as well. the rapture will be televised IV explores what happens when one is moved aggressively within the performance arena from a world saturated in the hyperordinary, to one that is oversaturated with sensation and sentiment.

Original performance piece curated by ROCKELMANN & Gallery in Berlin, June 2013.

Text: Alexander Coggin, Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor, John Fogerty(Credence Clearwater Revival)
Choreography: Alexander Coggin, Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Norton
Music: Michael Norton