JOAN, set in a functional office environment, positions the classic story of Joan of Arc, using the text from George Bernard Shawʼs Saint Joan, in the environment of power in today's criminal justice system. The audience has a role; when being subjected to one performerʼs perspective, does their place as a juror of this environment become biased?

When one is removed from the physical proximity of another person, and uses only telephone and video to communicate, what levels of humanity are lost? Does the flesh-to-flesh experience expand one's capacity for empathy or sympathy? As closed circuit court hearings become a more and more efficient way to rule on one's innocence or guilt, is it possible to fully comprehend the humanity of a defendant? When law and judgement become a systematic process of filing, organizing and tabulating, is there still room for humanity and compassion?

Presented by CALVIN KLEIN
Directed by Michael Norton

With Arielle Bier, Alexander Coggin, and Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor

Performed at the English Theatre Berlin, Berlin, February 2013